Natural Healing From Lymes Disease

Alright, so I’ve had a bunch of weird symptoms that no doctors ever seem able to figure out. I just went to a naturopath yesterday and he seemed positive that my symptoms were an indication of Lymes Disease. The good news is that he also is confident  that Natural Healing From Lymes Disease is perfectly […]

Is Acupuncture Dangerous?

A few days ago there was a flood of reports out about this next article. I can just see the unspoken message that jumps into peoples’ minds when they hear about it- Is acupuncture dangerous?  Many of the same people who before this incident were saying that acupuncture was “all in your head” are now […]

Mitt Romney’s Wife Used Natural Healing to Cure the MS

Interesting story in the news today about Mitt Romney’s great success in turning the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from a failure to a great success. I already knew a lot of that story but what I didn’t realize was that right before he was asked to take over, his wife Ann Romney had […]

New Natural Healing Treatment Offers Hope for Child Autism

A Few years ago I received a heartbreaking email from a friend of mine whose child was diagnosed with autism. She now has  3 children with autism and has become an activist for autism awareness. I’m excited today because I found an amazing study that found that a new natural healing treatment offers hope for […]

The Use of Acupuncture for Natural Healing of Warts

All of us love to be beautiful, which is why we never like to see big ugly growths on our body including warts. The use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts is being explored as an alternative to the painful removal process of freezing them. Although has currently only been tested on “flat warts”. […]

Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain

Although many consider chemotherapy an unnecessary step in eliminating cancer, others view it as a necessary evil. No matter which side of the coin you fall on, you will agree nobody likes the pain associated with chemo. This study: acupuncture, a natural healing solution for chemo pain astounds doctors with it’s findings! Study: Acupuncture, A […]

Try Acupuncture For Natural Healing From ADHD

When traditional methods didn’t work out so well, Alex Karaszi’s parents decided to try acupuncture for healing from ADHD with awesome results. Now I have to be clear (just the writer is in this news article on Acupuncture) that this is not a claim of efficacy for everyone, but a great report on one kid’s help […]

Natural Healing With Acupuncture Reduces Surgery Pain [VIDEO]

I love finding studies that give verification for natural healing ! Take this recent study by Duke University which found that natural healing with acupuncture reduces surgery pain as a case in point. Of course there are some details of the study that you need to be aware of when putting this into practice (like […]

Chinese Healing Helpful for Getting Pregnant

TCM Helpful for Getting Pregnant It’s one thing to hear a TCM practitioner claim that  Chinese healing techniques have been proven helpful  for getting pregnant, but another thing altogether when it’s a published scientific study. The study I came across, more clearly says that using TCM treatments along with Intrauterine  Insemination (IUI) was more effective […]

Natural Healing Acupuncture Proven to Reduce Stress

Some people may wonder how natural healing acupuncture could be proven to reduce stress, but that is just what we see from a recent Georgetown Universty study involving acupuncture on rats. In an age of so much scientific skepticism, there are still so many who live by the mantra “I’ll believe it when I see […]