Natural Healing Properties of Honey

I have had my own bees for about 3 years. There is nothing as beautiful as the day we don our white suits, netted hats and long gloves and tromp with the kids in toe to harvest that summers honey. It always seems miraculous that those bees can take a field of wildflowers and turn […]

Natural Healing From a Sunburn

I just took my kids to the most beautiful national park where we spent the day playing and splashing in the mountains and in the sun. Of course I made them all wear hats and plenty of clothes, but at the end of the day they still had a few too many rays of sunshine […]

Natural Healing From Arthritis

Arthritis is a name which describes over 100 different types of joint pain. The average American will suffer from Arthritis at some point in their life. There are a plethora of drugs available to help with the pain of arthritis, but if you aren’t into taking drugs to mask the pain and would rather try […]

Homeopathy for Natural Healing of Gum Disease

Dealing with a pain in the mouth, can be a pain! All of us suffer from mouth disease of one kind or the other throughout our lives and it’s good news that we can use homeopathy for natural healing of gum disease.  When we talk about gum disease we can use the term peridonatal which […]

Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain

Although many consider chemotherapy an unnecessary step in eliminating cancer, others view it as a necessary evil. No matter which side of the coin you fall on, you will agree nobody likes the pain associated with chemo. This study: acupuncture, a natural healing solution for chemo pain astounds doctors with it’s findings! Study: Acupuncture, A […]

Top 10 Natural Healing Solutions Using Peppermint [VIDEO]

I love Peppermint! Peppermint is one of the most versatile, easy to use and easy to grow herbs known to man. It has been used forever with a wide range of benefits. I know I’ll probably miss some benefits you know of, but In this article I will highlight my top 10 natural healing solutions […]

Natural Healing Solutions With Peppermint

Peppermint is considered the worlds first medicine. It’s been around forever and has incredible healing properties.  Using peppermint essential oils can help with digestion, muscle pain reliever, and energizer. Wendy Braun, with the Saturday Evening Post,  shows some really interesting uses for peppermint as well as describing why it actually work:   Natural Healing Solutions […]

Sidney Crosby Seeks Natural Healing With A Chiropractic Neurologist

There are a lot of detractors out there for chiropractic, but what do you say when the modern superman of hockey, Sidney Crosby, seeks natural healing with a chiropractic neurologist. HMMM. If he can afford to have ANY treatment in the world and uses a chiropractic neurologist instead of more invasive traditional medicine, that’s just […]

Natural Healing With Acupuncture Reduces Surgery Pain [VIDEO]

I love finding studies that give verification for natural healing ! Take this recent study by Duke University which found that natural healing with acupuncture reduces surgery pain as a case in point. Of course there are some details of the study that you need to be aware of when putting this into practice (like […]

Natural Healing Pain Relief Using Music

After the recent amazing recovery by congresswoman Giffords was helped by music therapy, people seem to be looking a bit more respectfully at the benefits of music. According to the following article by Prevention Magazine,  natural healing pain relief using music doesn’t even have to be administered by a registered music therapist: Natural Healing Pain […]