Is Acupuncture Dangerous?

A few days ago there was a flood of reports out about this next article. I can just see the unspoken message that jumps into peoples’ minds when they hear about it- Is acupuncture dangerous?  Many of the same people who before this incident were saying that acupuncture was “all in your head” are now crying danger, but wait, does acupuncture work or is it hocus pocus?

Is Acupuncture Dangerous?

is acupuncture dangerous

News Report has people asking 'is acupuncture dangerous?'

According to Metro police, a 69-year-old man suffered an episode and subsequently died while receiving acupuncture Wednesday afternoon.It happened at a clinic at 2710 Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. Police say the man was getting acupuncture when he became ill. Staff administered CPR and the man was taken to UMC where he died.

Police say there are no signs of foul play and the clinic is in good standing.

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The vagueness of this reporting is a nice bit of fear-mongering. It says nothing directly, but leaves a huge logical bridge by not addressing the obvious question.

The other way I’d look at this is if I saw a news piece on a man who dies after looking at his wife’s visa bill, would I jump to the conclusion that it’s lethal to let your wife use her visa?(no, just to look at the new debt)

I feel sorry for the acupuncturist because so many will be implicitly blaming him when it was just some poor soul’s time to go. If you are still wondering ‘is acupuncture dangerous?‘, check out this bit of reporting which is a little more fair to the acupuncturist (as long as you don’t read the headline, but I guess they needed to bait the reader…)

Is acupuncture Dangerous (part2)

Joon Lee Duk was shocked when his 69-year-old patient collapsed in his waiting room following an acupuncture procedure.

“So I came in here and I did CPR,” said Duk, an acupuncturist.

After performing CPR, medics took the man to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“I’m sad, because he’s my friend,” said Duk.

In his 45 years of practice, Duk has never seen experienced a situation like this. Acupuncture specialist Fiona Kelley explains why.

“There is nothing in acupuncture that can cause death,” said Kelly. She is the vice president of the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine.

“You’re tonifying the chi of the body or you’re dispersing a pathogen.” She says it is not possible for acupuncture to cause death.

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