100 Natural Cures for Cancer

According to Dr. Atkin, founder of the Atkin’s diet there is not one but many natural cures to cancer. In fact, he believes that there has been over 100 natural cures for cancer discovered and being used since 1920. Independent research now points to another potential natural cancer cure which can be added to that […]

Zumba for Natural Healing [VIDEO]

Zumba is a popular exercise program whose motto is “Ditch the Workout, Join the party”. I’ve never done Zumba because I am a little afraid of what goes on behind those closed doors, so when I found this video on it, I decided to give it a try. Zumba for Natural Healing, is going to be a […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid For Natural Healing Yoga

A few weeks ago I read a LONG article about the dangers of yoga as reported by a yoga master. It was too long to “quickly” share and most people probably would never read it, so I posted on something else that day. Well,  today when I came across this, I HAD to share these […]

4 Reasons to Use Natural Healing Exercise for Breast Cancer Recovery

Recently a member of my extended family was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Her proactive approach to getting what, for her, was the best treatment for breast cancer opened my eyes to some wise changes I needed to make in my lifestyle. When I came upon these 4 reasons to use natural healing exercise […]