Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain

Although many consider chemotherapy an unnecessary step in eliminating cancer, others view it as a necessary evil. No matter which side of the coin you fall on, you will agree nobody likes the pain associated with chemo. This study: acupuncture, a natural healing solution for chemo pain astounds doctors with it’s findings!

Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain

Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain
Accupunture is used as a natural healing solution for chemo pain

A new study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine may provide hope for those who suffer from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, a painful condition that affects the nerves in the lower legs and feet.

Though small (only 11 participants), the study seems to suggest that acupuncture could make significant improvements in patients with this condition. Five of the six patients who received acupuncture showed significant increases in both signaling speed and intensity in damaged nerves, and all of those reported reduction of pain and improved walking ability.

Those in the group who did not receive acupuncture, on average, showed no improvement at all, indicating that this could very well be a valid treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

According to other research in the field, the success is likely due to the ability of acupuncture to increase blood flow to the legs and feet, which may help to correct nerve damage. Original Article Here

Another expert opinion from Dr. Schroeder at Medscape Medical News agrees:

CIPN involves damage to the peripheral nervous system and can produce severe pain and gait impairment, and is often a reason for stopping chemotherapy with these agents.

[Acupuncture as a treatment for CIPN] is of special significance since peripheral neuropathy is otherwise almost untreatable, but seems to respond to treatment by acupuncture.


The study: accupuncture, a natural healing solution for chemo pain is great news for chemo patients, allowing them greater comfort during and after chemo sessions. Certainly a larger scale study could be done to confirm positive results, however, even the initial study showed such positive results that using acupuncture during chemo treatments seems a natural choice for healing.  I have written another article on acupuncture for pain relief here.


Have you tried acupuncture? If so, what did you use it for and was it successful?

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