New Natural Healing Treatment Offers Hope for Child Autism

A Few years ago I received a heartbreaking email from a friend of mine whose child was diagnosed with autism. She now has  3 children with autism and has become an activist for autism awareness. I’m excited today because I found an amazing study that found that a new natural healing treatment offers hope for child autism.  One premise of this study is a huge breakthrough for those who want to better understand autism: some autism may be linked to allergens. So what they did is used this intolerance treatment (NAET) to test and treat the kids for the things they reacted to the most.


New Natural Healing Treatment Offers Hope for Child Autism

new natural healing technique offers hope for child autism

Shocking I know, but a new natural healing technique offers hope for child autism.

The study included 60 children (2.5-10 years old) with a diagnosis of autism who were randomly assigned to either the treatment or control groups. The treatment group consisted of 26 boys and 4 girls and the control group included 25 boys and 5 girls. The 30 children in the treatment group received NAET treatments for 50 key allergens for 1 year. The children in the (non-blinded) control group did not receive any NAET treatments. Each group was allowed to continue with any other therapies they had been receiving. The NST (kinesiology/muscle testing) was used to determine which substances triggered sensitivity reactions in each child and NAET acupressure treatments were then used to eliminate the sensitivities.

Fifty-six children (26 in the NAET-treated group and 30 in the control group) completed the study. After 1 year, the children receiving NAET treatments exhibited clinically dramatic and statistically highly significant improvements in performance (p<.0001 vs the control group), including a:


  1. Mean 68.4% decrease in the total Autism Research Institute Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ARI-ATEC) Score
  2. 64% to 82% mean decreases on the 4 ARI-ATEC subtests
  3. 47.4% average increase in the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) and
  4. Decrease of 85% in the total Allergy Symptom Rating Scale (ASRS Score)
Yeah, but what does that mean? Let me give you the results in layman’s terms
The improvements were life changing. Twenty-three of the 30 autistic children in the NAET treatment group were able to return to regular school classes with their healthy, non-autistic peers after 1 year of treatment while all of the 30 children in the untreated control group continued to require special education.
So with the huge debate raging about whether Murcury in vaccines causes autism, (activists and some scientists saying yes, researchers saying no – with non-reproducible results) it kind of makes sense to me that both sides of the debate could be right. Maybe it’s the degree of allergic reaction that some people have to mercury or MMR shots that affects them. After all, not all people need an epi-pen for eating peanuts.
Having this study find  that a new natural healing treatment offers hope for child autism is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I hope it gets a lot more coverage and attention from the medical community and I hope you’ll do your part and pass this post along. It really can make a difference.

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NAET is also related to BIE (a technologically modified intolerance treatment based on Nambidripad’s work)

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