Walnuts Heal the Body [VIDEO]

Recent study done by Penn State researchers found that Walnuts Heal the Human Body¬† and aid it’s ability to deal with stress. If you add this the the study in 2006 done by the University of Barcelona’s Hospital, in Spain which found that adding a handful of raw walnuts to meals high in saturated fat […]

Most Important Words for Healing Relationships [Video]

This morning my mom called to wish me Happy Thanksgiving and it made me feel happy to think that she would think of me. It also reminded me that I have been waiting for the perfect day to share with you this amazing video that introduces the most important words for healing relationships – I […]

5 SimpleTips To Healthier Eating [Video]

My family often grumbles about my obsession with healthier eating (like whenever I pull out the quinoa and lentils) however there are many things you can do without a full overhaul of your diet. To help you (and my family) start to have a better relationship with food, just check out these 5 simple tips […]

Natural Healing From Technology [VIDEO]

So I just came across this video by a guy who was fed up with living in a world where everyone was connected digitally. He wanted natural healing from technology and took drastic measures to get it! For 90 day Jake gave up his facebook, twitter, cell phone, computer and everything digital. He says ” […]

Natural Healing From MS by Changing Your Diet [VIDEO]

I just got back from taking my kids to visit a friend in the hospital who has suffered with MS for the last 30 years. It got me thinking about the disease and I did a little research. I came across this video from Dr. Terry Wahls. Dr Wahls was a Tae Kwon Do master […]

Natural Healing Alzheimer Treatment With Music Therapy [VIDEO]

You all know should know by now that I love music (much to my children’s chagrin as I operatically sweep the house) so I can’t help but pass along this report on the effectiveness of natural healing Alzheimer treatment with music therapy. We have a very good friend who recently put his wife in long […]

4 Reasons to Use Natural Healing Exercise for Breast Cancer Recovery

Recently a member of my extended family was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Her proactive approach to getting what, for her, was the best treatment for breast cancer opened my eyes to some wise changes I needed to make in my lifestyle. When I came upon these 4 reasons to use natural healing exercise […]

New Natural Healing Treatment Offers Hope for Child Autism

A Few years ago I received a heartbreaking email from a friend of mine whose child was diagnosed with autism. She now has ¬†3 children with autism and has become an activist for autism awareness. I’m excited today because I found an amazing study that found that a new natural healing treatment offers hope for […]

Want Natural Weight Loss? Avoid Diet Sodas! [VIDEO]

I know this may sound a little counter-intuitive but if you want natural weight loss, avoid diet sodas. It’s funny, they’re called diet drinks based on the caloric numbers alone, but the unnatural ways of achieving “no-calories” turns out to do more harm to your natural self than good. Don’t believe me, check this out: […]

Top 10 Natural Healing Solutions Using Peppermint [VIDEO]

I love Peppermint! Peppermint is one of the most versatile, easy to use and easy to grow herbs known to man. It has been used forever with a wide range of benefits. I know I’ll probably miss some benefits you know of, but In this article I will highlight my top 10 natural healing solutions […]