Natural Healing From Lymes Disease

Alright, so I’ve had a bunch of weird symptoms that no doctors ever seem able to figure out. I just went to a naturopath yesterday and he seemed positive that my symptoms were an indication of Lymes Disease. The good news is that he also is confident¬† that Natural Healing From Lymes Disease is perfectly […]

Homeopathy for Natural Healing of Gum Disease

Dealing with a pain in the mouth, can be a pain! All of us suffer from mouth disease of one kind or the other throughout our lives and it’s good news that we can use homeopathy for natural healing of gum disease. ¬†When we talk about gum disease we can use the term peridonatal which […]

Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart decided to look to some natural healing therapy to try again. Amazingly they found that after conventional methods couldn’t explain the cause of problems, natural homeopathics helped Penny Lancaster Get pregnant by finding some important clues overlooked elsewhere. Check out this story […]