Natural Healing From Infertility

Valentines Day is more than just a celebration of Love, it’s also a celebration of Life! I was just reading the most delightful story about a girl who had undergone every medical procedure including receiving over 1,000 injections, and having all her white blood cells replaced. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the drugs, the medical procedure or any […]

Breast Cancer Therapy Using Yoga for Natural Healing

With 226,000 new cases of breast cancer each year it’s no wonder that women are seeking natural alternatives to get their lives back after physically exhausting breast cancer treatments. In fact great success has been reported in a study done by UCLA for breast cancer therapy using yoga for natural healing. Though there is no scientific […]

Don’t Overlook Prayer for Natural Healing

When I decided to make this site, I was anxious to add prayer to the list, because I have seen the effectiveness of prayer in my life. I’ve also heard about the awesome studies that show that prayer works. Today I came upon this article in the Huffington Post that reaffirms this admonition – Don’t […]