Natural Healing From a Sunburn

I just took my kids to the most beautiful national park where we spent the day playing and splashing in the mountains and in the sun. Of course I made them all wear hats and plenty of clothes, but at the end of the day they still had a few too many rays of sunshine […]

100 Natural Cures for Cancer

According to Dr. Atkin, founder of the Atkin’s diet there is not one but many natural cures to cancer. In fact, he believes that there has been over 100 natural cures for cancer discovered and being used since 1920. Independent research now points to another potential natural cancer cure which can be added to that […]

Walnuts Heal the Body [VIDEO]

Recent study done by Penn State researchers found that Walnuts Heal the Human Body  and aid it’s ability to deal with stress. If you add this the the study in 2006 done by the University of Barcelona’s Hospital, in Spain which found that adding a handful of raw walnuts to meals high in saturated fat […]

Natural Healing Wheatgrass Helps Fight Breast Cancer and More

For years, my parents used to grow trays of wheatgrass and grind out the green elixir that I thought was absolutely disgusting. I could barely even gulp the stuff down. Well it seems that after scientific probing, my parents may have been right about how healthy it was. Actually it spells good news –  for […]

Color Therapy For Natural Healing

With Valentines Day’s coming up, everywhere I turn pink and red are everywhere. All this color got me wondering about using color therapy for natural healing.  Light effects our bodies in every aspect of our lives, and it only makes sense that colors, the full spectrum of which makes up light would also affect us. […]

4 Reasons to Use Natural Healing Exercise for Breast Cancer Recovery

Recently a member of my extended family was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Her proactive approach to getting what, for her, was the best treatment for breast cancer opened my eyes to some wise changes I needed to make in my lifestyle. When I came upon these 4 reasons to use natural healing exercise […]

Nuts Are A Super Power Food for Natural Healing

I am sure that in the end it will be the super power foods that heal our bodies from most diseases. It’s true that Nuts are a super power food for natural healing and share some of their incredible health benefits with you. A recent study by the University of Barcelona in Spain found that […]

Study: Acupuncture, A Natural Healing Solution For Chemo Pain

Although many consider chemotherapy an unnecessary step in eliminating cancer, others view it as a necessary evil. No matter which side of the coin you fall on, you will agree nobody likes the pain associated with chemo. This study: acupuncture, a natural healing solution for chemo pain astounds doctors with it’s findings! Study: Acupuncture, A […]

Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer

From chemotherapy to radiation cancer patients may be surprised by a recent Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer.  Milk Thistle has been known for centuries to promote liver health and treat liver disorders, but it now being considered for an entirely different type of use. This could mean no more nasty side affects for […]

Breast Cancer Therapy Using Yoga for Natural Healing

With 226,000 new cases of breast cancer each year it’s no wonder that women are seeking natural alternatives to get their lives back after physically exhausting breast cancer treatments. In fact great success has been reported in a study done by UCLA for breast cancer therapy using yoga for natural healing. Though there is no scientific […]