Is Acupuncture Dangerous?

A few days ago there was a flood of reports out about this next article. I can just see the unspoken message that jumps into peoples’ minds when they hear about it- Is acupuncture dangerous?  Many of the same people who before this incident were saying that acupuncture was “all in your head” are now […]

Mitt Romney’s Wife Used Natural Healing to Cure the MS

Interesting story in the news today about Mitt Romney’s great success in turning the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from a failure to a great success. I already knew a lot of that story but what I didn’t realize was that right before he was asked to take over, his wife Ann Romney had […]

The Use of Acupuncture for Natural Healing of Warts

All of us love to be beautiful, which is why we never like to see big ugly growths on our body including warts. The use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts is being explored as an alternative to the painful removal process of freezing them. Although has currently only been tested on “flat warts”. […]