Chinese Healing Helpful for Getting Pregnant

Natural Chinese Healing Techniques Proven Helpful for Pregnancy
TCM Helpful for Getting Pregnant

It’s one thing to hear a TCM practitioner claim that  Chinese healing techniques have been proven helpful  for getting pregnant, but another thing altogether when it’s a published scientific study. The study I came across, more clearly says that using TCM treatments along with Intrauterine  Insemination (IUI) was more effective than IUI alone in helping women get pregnant. Actually the results were even more interesting than just that – there was an added bonus. According to the American Pregnancy Association:

Younger women usually have higher rates of success compared to women over age 35…

But in this article from, the study found that:

In terms of both conception and take-home baby rates, the test group bBoth treatments) fared far better than the control group (only IUI). Out of the 29 women in the test group, 65.5 percent conceived, and 41.4 percent delivered healthy babies. In the control group, only 39.4 percent conceived and 26.9 percent delivered. The vast difference in success rates is even more surprising when the age of the average participant was taken into account, Dr. Lev-Ari and Sela note. “The average age of the women in the study group was 39.4, while that of the control group was 37.1. Normally, the older the mother, the lower the pregnancy and delivery rates,” they explain.

Now this may not mean much to some people, but to me it’s significant to see  TCM  jump two hurdles in one. This really is some powerful evidence that natural Chinese healing techniques have proven helpful for getting pregnant. The fact that TCM was practiced during pregnancy is another reassurance to those who are “expecting”,  that in the hands of a competent professional, it can be perfectly safe to be treated while you’re pregnant.

Have you or a loved one used Chinese medicine during your pregnancy?

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