Best Natural Ways to Get Calcium

So if you are an American than you are sure to know that drinking milk is the best natural way to get calcium. It’s been driven into your brain by countless commercials from the Dairy companies. But if getting our calcium from milk is really so effective, than why do American’s who consume such a […]

Natural Healing Alzheimer Treatment With Music Therapy [VIDEO]

You all know should know by now that I love music (much to my children’s chagrin as I operatically sweep the house) so I can’t help but pass along this report on the effectiveness of natural healing Alzheimer treatment with music therapy. We have a very good friend who recently put his wife in long […]

Prescription Drugs Prevent Natural Healing

With 50% of Americans taking prescription drugs regularly, it’s no good news that studies are finding that prescription drugs prevent natural healing by sucking the nutrients out of our bodies. With the food that we eat today, nutritional deficiencies are a big struggle most Americans deal with. Prescription Drugs Prevent Natural Healing Deficiency is a […]

How to Treat Insomnia Naturally

For those of you who suffer from sleep disturbance (like I often do) I thought you’d like to know of some natural healing minerals and the article telling how to treat insomnia naturally. I have often used melatonin to help me get to sleep, but didn’t realize that my problem might have been helped by […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid For Natural Healing Yoga

A few weeks ago I read a LONG article about the dangers of yoga as reported by a yoga master. It was too long to “quickly” share and most people probably would never read it, so I posted on something else that day. Well,  today when I came across this, I HAD to share these […]

4 Reasons to Use Natural Healing Exercise for Breast Cancer Recovery

Recently a member of my extended family was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Her proactive approach to getting what, for her, was the best treatment for breast cancer opened my eyes to some wise changes I needed to make in my lifestyle. When I came upon these 4 reasons to use natural healing exercise […]

Melatonin Helps The Natural Healing of Aging

Aging is quickly becoming the leading cause of death in patients over 65. A new study shows that Melatonin Helps the natural healing of aging by protecting cells from premature aging! Good news, I Think! Melatonin Helps The Natural Healing of Aging   Free radical production plays a pivotal role in the development of systemic inflammation that […]

Evidence of Healing by Worlds Oldest Yoga Teacher [video]

Often we think of elderly people as “old and frail”, but that doesn’t need to be the case. We can look at 91 year old Bernice bates as evidence of healing as the “world’s oldest” yoga teacher. Even if there is some yogi on a mountain top in tibet who is older, she’s the one […]