The Use of Acupuncture for Natural Healing of Warts

All of us love to be beautiful, which is why we never like to see big ugly growths on our body including warts. The use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts is being explored as an alternative to the painful removal process of freezing them. Although has currently only been tested on “flat warts”. Flat warts are small pinhead sized raised bumps which most commonly affect children and adolescents.

The Use of Acupuncture for Natural Healing of Warts

the use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts

to get skin back to baby-softness try acupuncture to naturally heal warts.

If you have had difficulty getting rid of flat warts, then you may want to consider acupuncture. A new study published in the International Journal of Dermatology reports that acupuncture was able to eliminate warts in 53% of patients compared with only 3.5% of patients who used a topical ointment called tretinoin.

The acupuncture study

In a randomized, single-blinded study, 60 individuals with flat warts were assigned to one of two groups: 30 used a topical ointment of 0.1% tretinoin (known under several names such as Retin-A, Avita, Refissa) daily for 10 weeks and 30 underwent one auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment per week for 10 weeks.

After six months, only one patient (1 of 30, or 3.33%) in the tretinoin group had recovered completely from flat warts with no recurrence, compared with 16 patients (53.33%) in the acupuncture group.

Treating warts with acupuncture

According to licensed acupuncturist Kevin Clark, Dipl. OM, of KC Acupuncture in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, acupuncture is often used to treat warts. His “first inclination,” he noted in recent correspondence with this author, would be to use an acupuncture method called “Surround the Dragon,” which, he explained, “is just a fancy translated name for needling in a circle around the affected area.”

Surround the Dragon is a method often used to address different types of skin conditions, such as growths, scars, and eczema, said Clark. Original Here

Here are some other ideas for curing warts:

Other Ideas For Curing Warts

Treat Warts With Aloe Vera
Break a piece of aloe vera stalk and rub the juice directly on to the wart area. The natural acids in the Aloe Vera juice will dissolve the wart and soften the skin. Aloe Vera is a marvelous natural plant with many beneficial healing properties.

Cure Warts with Apple Cider Vinegar
Another of natures miracle products, use apple cider vinegar to completely remove ugly warts. Take a small piece of cotton, the size of the wart, soaked in apple cider vinegar, squeeze out the excess, then tape it to the wart with a band aid or medical tape. Apply each morning and at night before bed and the wart will be gone in 3 to 4 days.

White Vinegar
If you don’t have, or can’t get, apple cider vinegar, use white vinegar. White vinegar is a good substitute but may take a day or so longer to heal the wart outbreak.

Cure Warts With Fruit
Pineapple, banana skin, papaya and figs all contain Proteolytic Enzymes that when rubbed over warts, will work to dissolve and remove the outbreak. Cut a slice from the fruit and tape it to the wart overnight for more effective results.

Use Milkweed as a Natural Wart Remover
Milkweed is common to many countries and has excellent wart removal properties when the juice is applied direct to the troublesome wart. Original Article

Certainly the use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts is a more comfortable solution than many others out there. This is especially important because the type of warts which can be treated with acupuncture is the kind which spreads easily and affects youth in their most self concious stage of life.

Have you had any success treating warts? If so I’d like to know!


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