Healing a Nasty Sore Throat

Okay, you know as well as I do that there’s sore throats and then there’s SORE THROATS. (Yes, I’m yelling!) So if you have a nice little sore throat a cup of hot water or a good gargle can cure you, but if you have  a SORE THROAT than Healing a Nasty Sore Throat can be much more difficult.  This is the ultimate all time most effective remedy for sore throats. Make it and take it at least 4-6 x a day or until symptoms get better!

Best Remedy for Nasty Sore Throat

Okay, so if you aren’t brave enough to try the above recipes here’s some good advice in order of effectiveness from other readers. (obviously see a doctor if you feel it is necessary).

Cayenne Pepper– A pinch of cayenne pepper in a cup of warm water or honey every hour.

 Enfinite5 from Orange County, Ca replies: “SAVED THE DAY! Wow im blown away that this worked…. My throat was KILLING ME! Hurt so bad, felt like I swallowed a cheese grater. I kept using throat lozenges but they make me feel sick and only temporally fix the problem. So I saw all the posts on here and thought I would give it a try…. I gargled and swallowed a little bit of the cayenne pepper and water through out the day and it instantly took away the pain and the next morning woke up completely better!”

Apple Cider Vinegar- a tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey or water every hour.

Jason says “SO WHAT WORKS FOR ME. First gargle apple cider to quickly remove the flem to expose the bacteria or virus, then hit it with baking soda. the baking soda makes the infected area alkaline. then hit it with the cayenne pepper. then wrap up the neck area with a towel and sleep with it on.”

Oil of Oregano- 4 drops of oil of oregano in a cup of warm water.

Sandy from sticks, Nevada: “Oil of oregano cured my son’s sore throat in a moment. We used 4 drops of oil of oregano in about a cup of warm water. I wanted my son to gargle with it, but he felt it work immediately and wanted to swallow it. He gargled/swallowed the whole glass and announced he was completely pain free. We had tried all sorts of remedies and none of them worked for him…”


Well that’s it folks,  I hope you never need it but chances are you will so next time your Healing a Nasty Sore Throat try out the remedies above and let us know how it goes. Thanks