Natural Healing Solution to Get Rid of Bedbugs [VIDEO]

natural healing solution to get rid of bedbugs

When I went to bed last night I started itching all over, I don’t think I have bedbugs, but it did make me want to find a natural healing solution to get rid of bedbugs. ¬†Especially after talking to my friend. Heather ‘s problem with bedbugs started last winter when some swallows used her roof […]

Don’t Overlook Prayer for Natural Healing

Don't overlook pray for natural healing

When I decided to make this site, I was anxious to add prayer to the list, because I have seen the effectiveness of prayer in my life. I’ve also heard about the awesome studies that show that prayer works. Today I came upon this article in the Huffington Post that reaffirms this admonition – Don’t […]

Sidney Crosby Seeks Natural Healing With A Chiropractic Neurologist

Sidney Crosby seeks natural healing with A chiropractic neurologist

There are a lot of detractors out there for chiropractic, but what do you say when the modern superman of hockey, Sidney Crosby, seeks natural healing with a chiropractic neurologist. HMMM. If he can afford to have ANY treatment in the world and uses a chiropractic neurologist instead of more invasive traditional medicine, that’s just […]

Natural Healing With Acupuncture Reduces Surgery Pain [VIDEO]

natural healing with acupuncture reduces surgery pain

I love finding studies that give verification for natural healing ! Take this recent study by Duke University which found that natural healing with acupuncture reduces surgery pain as a case in point. Of course there are some details of the study that you need to be aware of when putting this into practice (like […]

Even the Wildlife is Looking For Natural Healing [VIDEO]

even the wildlife is looking for natural healing

It seems these days as if everyone is recognizing the need to take charge of their health. No one cares as much about your health as you do. Even the wildlife is looking for natural healing. Just came across this article and video and had to laugh. Please don’t mind my funny humor: An unexpected […]

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finds Natural Healing Through Music (Video)

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finds natural healing through music

As a musician, I always believed that music was powerful, but I never quite realized what a ray of hope it could be to a brain injury survivor until I read this article about ¬†Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finding natural healing through music. After reading a report a few years ago on the quest to find […]

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