Natural Healing Alzheimer Treatment With Music Therapy [VIDEO]

You all know should know by now that I love music (much to my children’s chagrin as I operatically sweep the house) so I can’t help but pass along this report on the effectiveness of natural healing Alzheimer treatment with music therapy. We have a very good friend who recently put his wife in long […]

Natural Healing of ADHD Using Music

With more than 4 million children (fox news 2011) being diagnosed with ADHD in the United States alone, it’s no wonder that people are seeking alternatives to drugs to treat their kids symptoms.  The natural healing of ADHD using music is an interesting alternative that might just be a lot safer  and a lot more effective than […]

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finds Natural Healing Through Music (Video)

As a musician, I always believed that music was powerful, but I never quite realized what a ray of hope it could be to a brain injury survivor until I read this article about  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finding natural healing through music. After reading a report a few years ago on the quest to find […]