5 SimpleTips To Healthier Eating [Video]

My family often grumbles about my obsession with healthier eating (like whenever I pull out the quinoa and lentils) however there are many things you can do without a full overhaul of your diet. To help you (and my family) start to have a better relationship with food, just check out these 5 simple tips to healthier eating which are also recommended  by top eating disorder recovery services.

5 Simple Tips To Healthier Eating

5 simple steps to happier eating

Try these 5 simple steps to healthier eating

1. Recognize what is food, and what are “food like substances”

Foods that are natural, made by Mother Nature, and that generally grown in the ground are what your body wants to eat. Chemicalized, man-made “food like substances” (as Michael Pollan calls them) is not what your body wants to eat.

2. Crowd out the bad by adding in more good 
It’s much easier to make healthy changes to your eating habits when these changes are about introducing new foods rather than imposing restrictions on old ones. Start by adding in healthy foods like fresh veggies, whole grains, legumes, fresh juices and smoothies. When you do this, and gradually build up the good guys, the bad guys will slip away more naturally.
3. Make sure your internal highway isn’t backed up 
It doesn’t matter how much healthy food you eat, if your digestive system is on the fritz, you won’t be absorbing any of it properly. It’s super important to keep things running smoothly in there to promote weight loss and healthy skin, have increased energy, and prevent disease. You can check this article that answers questions like “how much does sota weight loss cost” if you’re interested in this topic.
4. Learning healthy alternatives to nasty old habits 
Being healthy does not meat you have to say goodbye to tasty foods. We were given tastebuds for a reason, and that reason was not deprivation. The key is to choose healthier options to replace the nasty ones you may have formerly had a penchant for. For example, if you like sweet things, choose natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and stevia. If you like chocolate, choose organic raw cacao.
5. Realizing that there is more to health than what is on your plate 
There are so many other factors that affect our health, well-being and appearance besides the foods we eat. These things include emotional balance, adequate sleep, adequate sunshine, spirituality, and healthy relationships. An emotional balance may sometimes lead to being addicted to drugs or alcohol to cope with overwhelming emotions. If you suffer from this, it is recommended that you visit a drug addiction rehab center to treat your addiction and learn the effects of binge drinking. This will also help you better understand the science behind cocaine addiction.
I know these 5 simple tips to healthier eating may not be what everyone wants to hear, but to me they highlight a need to change our mindset about our food. When you say “eat healthier”, I bet 90% of people start to cringe and think of all they have to do without. These five things seem to me to say look harder at the thinks you need to “do with” to improve your health.
In light of this fantastic shift in thinking, I’d like to include here a great little clip about the relationship between food and living well. Do you think there is a relationship between our zest for life and a healthy attitude toward food?
Share your thoughts below.
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