Natural Healing From Technology [VIDEO]

natural healing from technologySo I just came across this video by a guy who was fed up with living in a world where everyone was connected digitally. He wanted natural healing from technology and took drastic measures to get it! For 90 day Jake gave up his facebook, twitter, cell phone, computer and everything digital. He says ” I developed relationships with people not profiles”, “My life drastically changed”, “I finally started living”. This is a REALLY awesome video and had me asking myself a lot of questions!

Natural Healing From Technology


Are you ready for some natural healing from technology? Honestly, I liked the way he connected in a much more meaningful way with the people around him. I often sit in a crowded airport and wonder to myself, with all the new and amazing communication methods available to us what are we really giving up? And what would we discover if we had the courage to give up the illusion of communication for real communication?

What do you think, with the advance of technology have we increased connection or just the illusion of connection?

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