Want Natural Weight Loss? Avoid Diet Sodas! [VIDEO]

I know this may sound a little counter-intuitive but if you want natural weight loss, avoid diet sodas. It’s funny, they’re called diet drinks based on the caloric numbers alone, but the unnatural ways of achieving “no-calories” turns out to do more harm to your natural self than good. Don’t believe me, check this out:

Want Natural Weight Loss? Avoid Diet Sodas!

want natural weight loss avoid diet drinks

If you want natural weight loss, avoid diet sodas. Studies say they could do more harm than good

The common thought is, “if it’s diet, it’s got to be healthy, right?”Wrong!

The American Diabetes Association has found that diet soda is associated with weight gain and Type 2 Diabetes.


Individuals that consumed diet soda had a 70% increase in their waistline size when compared to those that did not drink diet soda. Among those that consumed more than two diet sodas each day, their waistline increased by 500%, when compared to non-soda drinkers.

While the study didn’t examine the reasoning behind this large increase, past studies have indicated artificial sweeteners confuse the brain. When the brain detects something is sweet or fatty, it secretes more saliva and hormones to digest the food. However, diet foods/drinks do not register with the brain to secrete the necessary mechanisms for digestion.

This can also cause people to consume more than is needed. Furthermore, the consumption of artificial sweeteners raises fasting glucose levels. Keeping glucose levels high from the continual consumption of diet soda is a concern to researchers, as it can strongly contribute to the development of diabetes over time.

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So what should you drink then?

The word on the street is we should drink what our bodies are 70% made up of – water (not soda).

I firmly believe that the majority of our western health related “epidemics” are tightly related to the high percentage of processed, synthetic, genetically modified, and chemical laden foods we LOVE to eat. Unfortunately the word from my dietician friend is that our bodies can easily get into the habit of craving things that are extremely bad for them (as is the case with many drugs and other poisons).  Well this is also true of our foods and drinks.

Why do they call them “diet drinks”? I think it’s for the same reason they call it a Jackpot Lottery…slick marketing by corporations who care more about their bottom line than your bottom’s size!

a Quick video about Diet Sodas


For all these reasons, I think if you  want natural weight loss, avoid diet sodas. What do you think? Let us know with your comment.

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