Best Natural Ways to Get Calcium

best natural ways to get calcium

So if you are an American than you are sure to know that drinking milk is the best natural way to get calcium. It’s been driven into your brain by countless commercials from the Dairy companies. But if getting our calcium from milk is really so effective, than why do American’s who consume such a […]

Herbal Teas for Pregnancy

herbal teas for pregnancy

Bringing a baby into the world is the most satisfying, beautiful experiences that a woman may have. The inability to conceive is a heartache that can last a lifetime. There are countless medical procedures, fertility drugs, and forms of medicine that can be taken to increase the chances of fertility. Although, many times, conventional medicine […]

Natural Healing From Infertility

natural healing from infertility flowers

Valentines Day is more than just a celebration of Love, it’s also a celebration of Life! I was just reading the most delightful story about a girl who had undergone every medical procedure including receiving over 1,000 injections, and having all her white blood cells replaced. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the drugs, the medical procedure or any […]

Is Natural Healing From Drug Addictions Possible?

Can Natural Healing Help Addictions

I am sure we all have someone close to us that addicted to drugs. Their lives seem to be a downward spira of despair and heartache, and we long to reach out, but don’t really understand the demons they are fighting. Is natural healing from drug addictions possible? I would like to explore some of […]

Breastfed Babies Naturally Heal Faster and Are Brighter

Breastfed Babies Naturally Heal Faster And Are Brighter

I breastfed all my babies, which I am sure is the only reason they are so healthy, bright and beautiful! Seriously, though a new study has just come out which finds that breastfed babies naturally heal faster and are brighter. The health benefits of breastfeeding babies has been around for ages, although, more and more […]

Natural Healing of Wounds Using Honey

natural healing of wounds using honey

Honey has been known for it’s health benefits for thousands of years, it is also a known antibiotic.  The natural healing of wounds using honey was largely uninvestigated, however, a new type of honey has just been discovered- Manuka Honey which has been studied and is receiving great marks for it’s ability to heal wounds. […]

Natural Healing of Skin Allergies [VIDEO]

Wow! I know a million people who could use the natural healing of skin allergies. I just watched the best short movie which describes why we have skin allergies and how to heal them naturally. This post is gonna be short because Dr. Joyce, the naturopath in the video does the talking and she’s much […]

The Use of Acupuncture for Natural Healing of Warts

the use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts

All of us love to be beautiful, which is why we never like to see big ugly growths on our body including warts. The use of acupuncture for natural healing of warts is being explored as an alternative to the painful removal process of freezing them. Although has currently only been tested on “flat warts”. […]

Nuts Are A Super Power Food for Natural Healing

nuts are a super food for natural healing

I am sure that in the end it will be the super power foods that heal our bodies from most diseases. It’s true that Nuts are a super power food for natural healing and share some of their incredible health benefits with you. A recent study by the University of Barcelona in Spain found that […]

Effective Natural Healing Option For Treating Fibroids

Natural healing options ofr treating fibroids

A fibroid cyst is usually a non-cancerous growth. They are most often found in the smooth muscle cells of the uterus in women.  Searching for an effective natural healing option for treating fibroids, is a practical alternative to having to get the cysts cut off through invasive surgery. What Exactly is a Uterine Fibroid? Uterine […]

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