Natural Healing From Infertility

Valentines Day is more than just a celebration of Love, it’s also a celebration of Life!

I was just reading the most delightful story about a girl who had undergone every medical procedure including receiving over 1,000 injections, and having all her white blood cells replaced. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the drugs, the medical procedure or any of the fertility treatments that got her pregnant. It was after all her husband! Just kidding, I am sure you knew it was her husband, but the amazing part was that it was natural healing from infertility using chinese herbs. She says:

The doctors were shocked. My husband was stunned and I was totally delighted.

So what herbs help with fertility? Well here is a list of flowers that have been known to naturally heal infertility. You might be giving more than just a bouquet of flowers when you share these with your sweety this valentines day!

natural healing from infertility flowersNatural Healing From Infertility-  A Bouquet of Flowers

She Oak: she oak reduces stress caused by fertility issues and improves hormonal imblances
Noni: fosters feeling of nurturing and caring and reduces negative feelings
White Chestnut: also promotes positive thinking
Vervain: a relaxing flower remedy that calms feelings of anxiety and hypertension, which can impede fertility
Wisteria: promotes feelings of sensuality in the body and promotes calmness
Aspen: aspen helps reduce feelings of anticipation and anxiety, thereby reducing your levels of stress and helping to promote better overall reproductive health which increases your fertility
White Chestnut: another flower remedy helpful in getting pregnant, white chestnut reduces tension, stress and anxiety. Helpful in promoting mental health, white chestnut is particularly helpful in reducing feelings of bitterness and frustration which women who have difficulty getting pregnant often experience in their journey towards pregnancy” Full Article Here


If flowers aren’t your thing how about trying some Hypnosis for Infertility?

Natural Healing From Infertility- Hypnosis

Natural Healing From Infertility

Herbs, Flowers, and Hypnosis, all natural ways to heal from infertility

The function of hypnotherapy is to relax the person and address subconscious barriers to conception. Everyone understands that stress can cause skin rashes, headaches, and even heart attacks. If the body is under stress, the sympathehetic nervous system prepares us for fight or flight,which is totally imcompatible with preparation for reproduction.

On average, a women wih a diagnosis of infertily has a 24% chance of pregancy after IVF . When this method is supplemented by hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, or other body- mind methods (preferably in combination) the stats rise to 45-65 % take-home babies. Full article here

If the flowers don’t work, and you can’t find a hynotist to help you out, here is something ANYONE could do! Read my post on how to make your own blends of Fertility Teas. With the stir of a spoon, and some ancient herbs you might just be mixing up a concoction that will change your life forever!

Nothing is as magical as bringing a beautiful baby into this world. As the mother of 5 children, I can tell you that the natural healing from infertility is something worth fighting for. Even something worth sacrificing for.

Have you had troubles getting pregnant? I’d love to know what helped!


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