Herbal Teas for Pregnancy

Bringing a baby into the world is the most satisfying, beautiful experiences that a woman may have. The inability to conceive is a heartache that can last a lifetime. There are countless medical procedures, fertility drugs, and forms of medicine that can be taken to increase the chances of fertility, but remember pregnancy is a very difficult decision and there is always options to consider, there is more information written for mothers to be and More about the author for those considering their pregnancy options.

Although, many times, conventional medicine is neccessary for healing there are often safer, healthier natural alternatives. In this post we will be discussing some herbal teas for pregnancy. To read my other post on Natural Healing for Infertility Click Here.

Herbal Teas For Pregnancy

herbal teas for pregnancy

herbal teas for pregnancy

Basic Fertility Tea Blend for Women

  • Red Clover: Red clover is one of the most popular fertility remedies. High in vitamins, calcium, and magnesium, red clover helps to nourish the uterus and relax the nervous system, enabling conception. It is taken as a tea, daily.
  • Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry leaf is high in calcium and therefore works to restore hormonal balance. It is excellent when taken alongside red clover.
  • Lady’s Mantle: This herb assists in building up the uterine lining and regulating menstruation. It is meant to be drunk as a tincture, once a day.
  • False Unicorn Root: False unicorn root not only restores hormonal balance in women, but it also helps to stimulate the ovaries and encourage ovulation.
  • Stinging Nettle: Stinging nettle contains high levels of chlorophyll and minerals, which helps to regulate the body’s hormones as well as ovulation and menstruation. It is taken as a tea once daily. Original Link HERE

Method of Preparation:

When preparing herbal teas I make them one kettleful at a time. Boil approx 3 cups of water and add a heaping teaspoon of each herb to the water. Turn off the heat and cover the pot with the lid. Let the herbs steep for a few hours. When you are ready to drink the tea add a little honey and refrigerate the rest. Enjoy!

If I was having troubles getting pregnant, herbal teas for pregnancy is one of the first things I’d try. They are inexpensive to buy, easy to make and delicious to drink!

Have you had troubles getting pregnant? I’d love to know what helped!

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