Natural Healing of Skin Allergies [VIDEO]

Wow! I know a million people who could use the natural healing of skin allergies. I just watched the best short movie which describes why we have skin allergies and how to heal them naturally. This post is gonna be short because Dr. Joyce, the naturopath in the video does the talking and she’s much smarter than I am!

Natural Healing of Skin Allergies



 The first thing that we should understand is that we shouldn’t be allergic to anything, especially to the point that it erupts through the skin. The skin is the largest eliminative organ. It is also the largest organ to absorb. The first thing that a naturepath understands is that a skin problem is an internal problem, and more than likely a gut problem. And a gut problem is a parasite problem.

If you have a skin problem than the parasites are definitely  irritating you. So what can you do? You can do a parasite cleanse at the beginning of the change of each season.  Parasite cleanses include herbs like: Grapeseed fruit extract, black walnut seed extract, artmesia, clove, pumpkin, wormwood and such… you can buy them in kits that are pills or powder or even liquids. A deworming kit is strictly that, it goes after the parasite and chases the worm out the gut. When you are healed inside internally than your skin will no longer have any allergic reactions. Original Here

Dr. Joyce makes the natural healing of skin allergies seem so simple, this is definitely something I am going to try.

Do you have skin allergies? What do you do to treat them?

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