Natural Healing Solutions With Peppermint

Peppermint is considered the worlds first medicine. It’s been around forever and has incredible healing properties.  Using peppermint essential oils can help with digestion, muscle pain reliever, and energizer. Wendy Braun, with the Saturday Evening Post,  shows some really interesting uses for peppermint as well as describing why it actually work:


Natural Healing Solutions With Peppermint

natural healing solutions with peppermint

Natural healing solutions with peppermint have been around for Centuries!

Posteditors asked Goebel-Angel about buying—and taking advantage of—the healing herb. Always check with your doctor when starting a new treatment.Where can you get therapeutic peppermint essential oil and how can consumers identify the best product?

Quality is always important when using essential oils to achieve therapeutic results, rather than to simply enjoy the fragrance.  First, look at stores for AFNOR-grade oils. These products meet a set of standards set in Europe by AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) and help buyers differentiate between therapeutic-grade essential oils and lower grade oils.

Then, read the ingredient list. Most essential oils have added artificial scents, fillers or preservatives.

How can people use peppermint oil for health?

Here are three benefits of peppermint, and how to reap them:

  1. An organic mental energizer. To enhance focus and clarity, place a drop of oil on the nape of the neck and around the temples, inhale oil directly, or use a diffuser and take in its aroma daily.
  2. A natural analgesic. To ease joint or muscle pain, rub a drop on the sore areas. For headache or migraine pain, place a drop on the temples or nape of neck.
  3. A digestive aid. To relieve diarrhea, bloating or gas, directly rub one or two drops on abdomen in a clockwise motion. For an upset stomach or heartburn, place a drop in water and drink.  For nausea related to pregnancy* or cancer care, inhale daily, diffuse, or place a drop in water and drink.

*Pregnant women should consult with an expert before using any essential oils.

What precautions should people keep in mind when taking peppermint?

It’s always best to work with an expert when using powerful essential oils. For most people, small doses of peppermint are fine to take with prescriptions or OTC meds. Important precautions include: Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive skin, fresh wounds or burns.  If a skin reaction should occur, use a carrier oil (such as almond or coconut oil) to dilute the affected area. Do not wash with water and soap. Begin slowly, as overuse can create heartburn.  Do not apply to infants under 18 months of age.


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If I had to choose between using the caffeine laden energy drinks and products currently on the market or Peppermint for getting more energy, I’d definitely choose Peppermint. It is safe, smells great and can be grown all year round!

Peppermint is so incredibly versatile! Check out my other post on some of the top 10 uses for peppermint.

I’d  like to know what your favorite natural healing solutions with peppermint are. Leave a comment below!


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