Homeopathy for Natural Healing of Gum Disease

Dealing with a pain in the mouth, can be a pain! All of us suffer from mouth disease of one kind or the other throughout our lives and it’s good news that we can use homeopathy for natural healing of gum disease.  When we talk about gum disease we can use the term peridonatal which means quite litterally, “around the teeth”.  From sore gums, to bleeding gums all diseases related to the gums are termed peridontal.

Before we talk about how to treat peridontal diseases it’s essential to first recognize how you got the disease in the first place. Here are some root causes:

Causes of Gum Disease:

Natural Healing For Gum Disease

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The primary cause of gum diseases is Plaque, which is formed when colonizing bacteria try to attach themselves to tooth.

Factors contributing to periodontal diseases include:

  • Hormonal changes, such as those occurring during pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and monthly menstruation, make gums more sensitive, which makes it easier for gingivitis to develop.
  • Weak Immunity: Because of a dulled immune response and less oxygen in the mouth, smokers are 2-7 times more likely to develop periodontitis than nonsmokers.
  • Diabetes worsens periodontal disease. If a person’s blood sugar level is poorly controlled, a worse infection, poor healing, and a greater loss of bone and connective tissue are likely.
  • Stress increases certain hormones that make a person more susceptible to infection. Pregnancy and birth control pills can also increase hormone levels.
  • Steroids, antiseizure medicines, cancer medicines, and blood pressure medicines can all affect the gums. Some drugs decrease the flow of saliva, irritating the mouth and making it prone to infection.
  • Poor oral hygiene habits such as not brushing and flossing on a daily basis, make it easier for gingivitis to develop.
  • Family history of dental disease can be a contributing factor for the development of gingivitis. Original Article
So now that we know what causes it lets talk about some effective homeopathic remedies that are essential for a homepathic dentist chest:

Homeopathic medicines for Natural Healing of Gum Disease

Homeopathy used to treat gum disease

Homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicines not only remove the complaints of Periodontal diseases but also stop their further progress. But a quick visit to dentist for cleaning the teeth, removing plaques and debris catalyses the cure process.

Try the following remedies from your Homeopathic Dentist Chest:

Spongy gums and Halitosis (bad breath)

Mercurius solubilis-Gums bleed, teeth loosen, they get decayed even after filling.

Phosphorus-Colour of teeth changes, they become hollow; bleeding from the gums.

Mezereum-Teeth decay very fast at the roots. Pain extends to face and ears (facial neuralgia).

Silicea terra- Infection of the gums of rickety children sweat of head and feet, the abdomen becomes distended.

Carbo vegetabilis- Gums spongy, recedes, bleed easily. Toothache from hot, cold or salty food.

Carbo veg- If the teeth get separated from the gums, they loosen, become spongy, bleeding from the gums at the time of brushing, feeling of pain when eating cold and hot things.

Kalium carbonicum- Teeth become separated from the gums, pus come out, pyorrhoea. Ulcers of mouth, mouth is full of saliva.

Terminalia chebula- To treat separation of the gums pour 10 drops of its mother tincture in a cup of warm water and wash the mouth.

Swelling or boil in the gums

Mercurius solubilis- Swelling of the gums with intolerable pain. Cheeks swell because of gum swelling, a boil could also occur in the gums. The patient gets lot of sweat, mouth is full of saliva but thirst is present.

Hepar sulphur

The boil will either subside or desuppurate.

Belladonna- Throbbing in the boil or swelling of the gum.

Staphisagria- Should be tried if the gums are unhealthy, retracted and there is a tendency to decay of the teeth. They turn black and crumble as soon as they appear (Kreosote) a condition found in sycotic children. It relieves the gnawing pain in the roots of decayed teeth affecting a whole row. The gums become spongy, the sub-maxillary glands are swollen, salivation and pyorrhoea is present, at times.

Kreosotum- Is selected when there is a very rapid decay of teeth with spongy and bleeding gums, teeth dark and crumbling. There is a putrid odour and bitter taste.

This remedy is also used as external application in agonizing toothache.

Bleeding gums

Mercurius solubilis- Phosphorus is the prime remedy. But when there is no improvement from Phos. Use it. Original List

Next time you have a periodontal problem it might just be worth your while to take a quick trip to the health food store to try homeopathy for natural healing of gum disease.  Going to the dentist to remove the plaque build up is also going to be helpful as well in speeding up the healing problem.  Have you ever used homeopathics to treat mouth disease? I’d be curious to know how they worked for you, thanks!


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