Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer

From chemotherapy to radiation cancer patients may be surprised by a recent Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer.  Milk Thistle has been known for centuries to promote liver health and treat liver disorders, but it now being considered for an entirely different type of use. This could mean no more nasty side affects for cancer patients.

Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer


Study: Milk Thistle Can Stop Lung Cancer

Recent study shows milk thistle can stop lung cancer in rats

A study conducted at the University of Colorado and published in Molecular Carcinogenesisshowed that milk thistle may be effective on a completely different kind of disease – lung cancer. The research involved a clinical trial in mice, and showed that the active ingredient in milk thistle actually stopped the spread of lung cancer.

Said the study’s lead author, milk thistle “may be as effective as today’s best treatments”.

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With cancer on the rise it’s seems wise to consider many different options for healing,  including natural ones in conjunction with traditional methods. The Study: Milk Thistle May Stop Lung Cancer, may very well be a key factor in helping patients decide which course of natural healing is best for their bodies.

Have you or anyone you know had any luck healing from cancer? If so, we’d love to know what methods you used.

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