5 Mistakes To Avoid For Natural Healing Yoga

A few weeks ago I read a LONG article about the dangers of yoga as reported by a yoga master. It was too long to “quickly” share and most people probably would never read it, so I posted on something else that day. Well,  today when I came across this, I HAD to share these 5 mistakes to avoid for natural healing yoga. (way better than sharing that massive article and some of the same points!)

5 Mistakes To Avoid For Natural Healing Yoga

5 mistakes to avoid for natural healing yoga

Want to feel Great? make sure you remember these 5 mistakes to avoid for natural healing yoga

Mistake #1: Practicing yoga every day. Yoga is a strength-building activity, Magone said, so you need to give your muscles a chance to recuperate and recover from those microtears that occur after every workout. “I recommend doing yoga every other day and supplementing with a cardiovascular workout [running, biking, swimming] on days you don’t do yoga,” said Magone. “Otherwise your muscles will be exhausted and you’re likely to get sloppy and injure yourself.”

For those avid yogis who don’t want to skip a day away from their postures, Magone recommends focusing on three different sets of postures — each working a different set of muscle groups — on consecutive days such as hips on Mondays, back bends on Tuesdays, standing poses on Wednesdays, and then repeating the cycle for the rest of the week.

Mistake #2: Pushing too far too fast. Two weeks ago, I noticed that I can’t comfortably sit cross-legged on the floor to play board games with my kids, so I’ve been doing simple yoga hip stretches several times a week to try to regain some flexibility. While I’m tempted to force my legs into positions where they used to go easily, Magone tells me to go slowly.

“Never to push to the point of pain — especially in your joints. lower back, or shoulders. It’s possible to get your flexiblity back, but you need to go slowly and do the stretches three times a week,” he said.

Mistake #3: Not warming up properly. Under a time crunch, you may be tempted to skip some warm-up moves and go directly into a complicated posture, but that’s sure to increase your risk of injury.

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A lot of this seems to be  common sense stuff, but sometimes people tend to go over-board in something when they’ve had a good experience. We tend to believe the lie that if something is good, then a lot more of it is better. (Remind me to to tell you about my hard lesson along these lines with oregano oil.AHHHH!)

I don’t want anyone to think I’m spreading hate or fear about yoga. After all, I’m aware some people are very avidly advocating to just leave it alone after reading things like this in the New York Times:

But a growing body of medical evidence supports Black’s contention that, for many people, a number of commonly taught yoga poses are inherently risky. The first reports of yoga injuries appeared decades ago, published in some of the world’s most respected journals — among them, Neurology, The British Medical Journal and The Journal of the American Medical Association. The problems ranged from relatively mild injuries to permanent disabilities. In one case, a male college student, after more than a year of doing yoga, decided to intensify his practice. He would sit upright on his heels in a kneeling position known as vajrasana for hours a day, chanting for world peace. Soon he was experiencing difficulty walking, running and climbing stairs.

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I’m just saying keep in mind these 5 mistakes to avoid for natural healing yoga, and live life better.

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