Evidence of Healing by Worlds Oldest Yoga Teacher [video]

Often we think of elderly people as “old and frail”, but that doesn’t need to be the case. We can look at 91 year old Bernice bates as evidence of healing as the “world’s oldest” yoga teacher. Even if there is some yogi on a mountain top in tibet who is older, she’s the one who went to the Guinness Book of World Records – she gets the title.

World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher Video

[youtube AmtALIQ0LVU]

The writer of this article, after seeing her in action,  thinks that she’s pretty amazing:

It wasn’t just the pose that was amazing — it was the teacher’s age. Bernice Bates is 91 years old, and she’s more flexible than people who are a third of her age.

“If you can’t quite meet your knee, that’s all right,” Bates told her class, gently.

Guinness World Records recently awarded Bates the title of “Oldest Yoga Teacher.” While there might be other, older yogis somewhere in the world, Bates completed the lengthy documentation process required by Guinness. She was nominated earlier this year by her daughter.

Bates first began practicing yoga 50 years ago, after she saw it on a television program. As a younger woman, she taught swimming in Ohio at a YWCA.

Is she just an extra limber older lady, or is the world’s oldest yoga teacher evidence of natural healing? I for one hope that when I get her age (if i get her age) I too can be as flexible competent and limber. I think that her daily exercise and stretching routine had a part to play in that and i think she’s a great “poster grandma” for yoga as a great form of natural healing.

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