Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart decided to look to some natural healing therapy to try again. Amazingly they found that after conventional methods couldn’t explain the cause of problems, natural homeopathics helped Penny Lancaster Get pregnant by finding some important clues overlooked elsewhere. Check out this story from the UK newspaper “The Express”

Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

Homeopathics Helped....

Motherhood, or rather becoming a mother, has not been an easy ride for the statuesque blonde who describes conceiving Aiden, now 11 months, as a rollercoaster.

Delighted at the ease with which Penny had her son Alastair, six, the couple spent two years trying for another baby without success.

After two unsuccessful cycles of IVF Penny consulted homeopathic specialists in the US who discovered high levels of mercury in her body from eating too much fish which may have affected her fertility. Penny ditched seafood from her diet and attempted a third round of IVF in the UK, finally conceiving her son.


You know, it’s interesting that celebrities are always doing things outside of conventional medicine . Maybe it’s because they have more money to just try lots of things – I don’t know. But this article tells some specifics about some celebrities:

 From the curious to the kooky to what seems plain crazy, some people will try just about anything to cure what ails them — and celebrities are some of the most visible users of these nonstandard remedies.

Alternative medicine is generally described as practices that are not part of standard care and that may not be taught in a medical school.

For those not inclined to put all their eggs in a standard medical basket, there are a plethora of alternative treatments to choose from, ranging from highly common treatments that might be practiced in a hospital to those that are more obscure.

I don’t know if all those solutions have worked for those other celebrities, but  it seems that natural homeopathics helped Penny Lancaster Get pregnant.

What’s your take on the homeopathic debate. Has this natural healing remedy worked for you or not?

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