Natural Healing From Bladder Infections

Ouch! I remember being in 8th grade and having to leave school right in the middle of my dance class because of the incredible cramping and pain from a bladder infection. My mom took me to the doctors where I was prescribed, lots of water and some antibiotics. The bladder infection did go away, but it left a nasty yeast infection in it’s place. Poor girl. If only I had known about natural healing from bladder infections I may have spared myself some trouble!

Bladder Infections as well as  Urinary Tract infections are caused by micro-organisms, bacteria, yeast, parasites which end up in the urinary tract from the intestines through the anal area. Bladder infections are generally treated with antibiotics. It is important to note that treating a bladder infection with antibiotics may contribute to recurring bladder infections, and continued antibiotic use weakens the immune system.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urine output and can cause a person to need to use the toilet more frequently. Not only that, but alcohol irritates the bladder, exacerbating overactive bladder symptoms. If you experience incontinence, it is good to try to avoid alcohol for which you can visit and get help.

Urinary Tract Infections, and Bladder infections can cause damage to the kidneys if left untreated.  It is best to try natural treatments only if you are just getting the infection or have not had it for long. If that is the case, then here are some great tips to treat your bladder infection naturally.

Symptoms of Bladder Infection or Urinary Tract Infection

Naturally Healing From Bladder Infections

Naturally Healing From Bladder Infections

The signs and symptoms of bladder infections include:

  • Fatigue and Shakiness
  • Pain above the pubic bone
  • Bladder spasms
  • Cramps
  • Delirium
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Spotting
  • Discomfort or Pressure in the lower back or abdomen
  • Nausea
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Frequent urination
  • Burning or pain during urination (Dysuria)
  • Cloudy, bloody, or foul-smelling urine
  • Mild fever
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So now that you know you have a bladder infection here are some recommendations from Dr. Kashmika to do which will promote the natural healing of your bladder:

Natural Healing From Bladder Infections

Naturally Healing From Bladder Infection

Naturally Healing From Bladder Infection

EAT: A nearly raw foods and vegan diet is always best when healing, or even for just maintaining optimal health and well-being. It’s best if the foods are organic, too.

ELIMINATE: entirely, or as much as you can, all meats and dairy products, eggs, refined grains, refined starches, sugar, salt, alcoholic beverages, effervescent beverages (e.g. soda pop), junk food (including fast food), etc. These things are all mainly acid-inducing foods. They lower the body’s natural alkalinity and tend to promote sickness and disease.

HERBS: Herbs that have an affinity for the urinary tract in general and the kidneys in general are called “diuretic” and “nephritic” herbs. These herbs include: Uva Ursi, Cornsilk, Queen of the Meadow (Gravel Root), Chanca Piedra, Pelitory of the Wall, Five Fingers, Cleavers, Juniper Berries, Buchu, Tribulis (Gokshura), Couchgrass, Pipsissewa, Parsely Leaf, Celery Seed, Horsetail, Nettle and Devil’s Claw.

FOODS: Cranberry can be taken as a freeze-dried powder (in capsule form), in tea form, and of course, in liquid form as cranberry juice (unsweetened variety).

Cranberry juice should be organic, undiluted, and unsweetened. It should be diluted with water (50/50) due to its excess bitterness. Drinking 4 ounces (diluted with water by half) daily should be enough when there is disease of the urinary tract (including sexually transmitted disease).

Cranberry contains four beneficial natural acids: Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, and Quinic Acid.

These four natural acids are very important because they help to bring about the acidification of the urine.

Quinic acid is converted by the body into Hippuric Acid and together with Benzoic Acid helps maintains a healthy urinary tract.

Drinking vegetable juice that contains celery and parsley among other veggies is very helpful and salubrious. Celery and parsley are two of the best plant-based diuretics available.

Up to four to eight ounces glass of vegetable juice daily or at least 3-4 times per week is very beneficial to the health of the body. Vegetable juice is cleansing to the entire body and is rich in organic nutrition (nutrients) and helps to maintain the body’s natural alkaline pH level which keeps the body in a state of homeostasis, balance. Original Article Here

I constantly find the answers to such a wide variety of health problems in diet. Is there any question that our typical North American diet is not working for us? I am really anxious to get my garden growing and finally start producing some of the delicious nutrient rich foods myself that I know my body needs to thrive.

Hopefully these handy tips will save someone from having to be pulled out of their dance class and leave them a whole lot healthier in the end! Do you have any tips for natural healing from bladder infections? If so, I ‘d love you to share your remedies 🙂


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