Try EFT for Natural Healing From Addictions

As I was watching a video from Deepak Chopra about internet and tech addiction, it sparked my memory of an article I read a few weeks ago. It was about the effectiveness of EFT or “tapping” from the investigative journalism of a reporter in Thailand. The results of his experience make me think people who have addictions should try EFT for natural healing for addiction treatment for drugs.

Try EFT for Natural Healing From Addictions

try EFT for natura healing from addictions

Some people report success when they try EFT for natural healing from addictions

My eyelids are pinched together as the man taps repeatedly on my throat with his fingers.

There’s no pain. The tapping stops, there’s a shift in the room and I can feel him now sitting across from me, a few feet away, staring at me, studying my expression.

He says nothing, just sits silently and waits for me to take another drink of the poison in my hand. I do. The taste is revolting. It’s like someone peed into a beer can. Even the can feels uneasy in my grip, coated in an invisible lacquer of foulness.

I want to drop it. The last sip is the worst. There’s a gag reflex somewhere in my throat, but I manage to keep it down. I open my eyes. I am back in a small office in Chalong.

Thirty-four-year old Briton, Tim Robins, is smiling back at me looking pleased with himself. He sits straight-backed, wearing white linen attire and no shoes. We both know that something out of the ordinary had just happened. He has distorted my perception of what beer tastes like. He has ruined beer for me. He is a genius.Thirty minutes earlier, he ruined cigarettes for me. How does he do it?

That was five months ago, and that was the only Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session I had with Tim. It’s all I needed to sideline cigarettes from my life, although they do still loiter somewhere in my field of subconscious. I am still wary of every beer after that day. I still smell pee sometimes when I think of beer.

Like I said, Tim ruined beer for me, but I did ask him to. It was research for this story. A form of psychotherapy, EFT is also known as “tapping” due to practitioners’ using two fingers (index and middle) to tap on emotional blockages on the body. In my case, the blockage Tim was trying to help me with was my addiction to nicotine, but we also did an experiment with beer, which produced amusing but foul-tasting results.


Professional golfers on the US PGA are tapping; health boards in the UK use it to treat trauma patients and the www beats with the sound of a million followers spreading the word of the tapping movement. It can help with disturbing emotional blockages which can cause physical pain, anxiety, depression, phobias and – yes – addictions.

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You know, when I first heard about tapping, I thought it was kind of hokey, but aftr more articles like this one and interviews and experiences with practitioners, I changed my mind. I even had a daughter helped to an amazing degree with a phobia of dogs. I know this is another “believe-it-or-not” kind of thing, but I for one believe. I even have family members I need to tell so they can try EFT for natural healing from addictions in their lives, click here to learn more about some other methods.

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Have you tried tapping? share with us your experiences below!

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