Best Remedy for Croup

My sisters babies had the croup last week. It’s terrible to hear the wheezing and gasping for air that little ones deal with when they’ve got the croup.

Symptoms of croup are caused by the airways being swollen and narrowed. You will be able to recognize the croup by the barking cough, raspy voice and harsh wheezing sound when breathing in.  Sometimes children breathe fast and need to sit up to breathe better.

Best Remedy for Croup

Best Remedy for Croup

I am going to share a croup recipe which people swear by:

1 C. Cubed Ice
1 C. Rubbing Alcohol



Combine the ice, and alcohol into a bowl and cover with the cloth. Ring out and wash cloth and wrap it around the neck of your sick baby or child. You can wrap the bigger towel  around the neck to help subside the fumes. Leave on until the wash cloth is warm and repeat and the cough loosens.

Do you have any effective recipes for croup? If so please let me know what your best remedy for croup is, I’d love to hear it.


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