Teens Born in the Spring are More Likely to Suffer From SAD

Teens born in the spring more likely to suffer from SAD

1 in every 10 people suffer from depression in the United States, with the numbers rising substantially each year. Seasonal Affects Disorder or SAD is a common disease afflicting even more American’s. SAD is a┬ákind of depression that occurs during the late fall and winter months. Like most other forms of depression, SAD occurs in […]

Herbal Teas for Pregnancy

herbal teas for pregnancy

Bringing a baby into the world is the most satisfying, beautiful experiences that a woman may have. The inability to conceive is a heartache that can last a lifetime. There are countless medical procedures, fertility drugs, and forms of medicine that can be taken to increase the chances of fertility. Although, many times, conventional medicine […]

Is Natural Healing From Drug Addictions Possible?

Can Natural Healing Help Addictions

I am sure we all have someone close to us that addicted to drugs. Their lives seem to be a downward spira of despair and heartache, and we long to reach out, but don’t really understand the demons they are fighting. Is natural healing from drug addictions possible? I would like to explore some of […]

Could Natural Healing Have Saved Whitney Houston?

could natural medicines have saved whitney houston

After the unexpected death of 48 year old superstar Whitney Houston due to a drug overdose, people online are asking “Could Natural Healing Have Saved Whitney Houston?” One reader writes Dealilah: Could Natural Healing Have Saved Whitney Houston? I am amazed by all of the negative remarks surrounding Whitney Houson’s tragic death simply because she […]

5 SimpleTips To Healthier Eating [Video]

5 simple steps to happier eating

My family often grumbles about my obsession with healthier eating (like whenever I pull out the quinoa and lentils) however there are many things you can do without a full overhaul of your diet. To help you (and my family) start to have a better relationship with food, just check out these 5 simple tips […]

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