Breastfed Babies Naturally Heal Faster and Are Brighter

Breastfed Babies Naturally Heal Faster And Are Brighter

I breastfed all my babies, which I am sure is the only reason they are so healthy, bright and beautiful! Seriously, though a new study has just come out which finds that breastfed babies naturally heal faster and are brighter. The health benefits of breastfeeding babies has been around for ages, although, more and more […]

Prescription Drugs Prevent Natural Healing

Prescription Drugs Prevent Natural Healing

With 50% of Americans taking prescription drugs regularly, it’s no good news that studies are finding that prescription drugs prevent natural healing by sucking the nutrients out of our bodies. With the food that we eat today, nutritional deficiencies are a big struggle most Americans deal with.   Prescription Drugs Prevent Natural Healing Deficiency is […]

Try EFT for Natural Healing From Addictions

try EFT for natura healing from addictions

As I was watching a video from Deepak Chopra about internet and tech addiction, it sparked my memory of an article I read a few weeks ago. It was about the effectiveness of EFT or “tapping” from the investigative journalism of a reporter in Thailand. The results of his experience make me think people who […]

Top 10 Natural Healing Solutions Using Peppermint [VIDEO]

top 10 natural healing solutions using peppermint

I love Peppermint! Peppermint is one of the most versatile, easy to use and easy to grow herbs known to man. It has been used forever with a wide range of benefits. I know I’ll probably miss some benefits you know of, but In this article I will highlight my top 10 natural healing solutions […]

Don’t Overlook Prayer for Natural Healing

Don't overlook pray for natural healing

When I decided to make this site, I was anxious to add prayer to the list, because I have seen the effectiveness of prayer in my life. I’ve also heard about the awesome studies that show that prayer works. Today I came upon this article in the Huffington Post that reaffirms this admonition – Don’t […]

Sidney Crosby Seeks Natural Healing With A Chiropractic Neurologist

Sidney Crosby seeks natural healing with A chiropractic neurologist

There are a lot of detractors out there for chiropractic, but what do you say when the modern superman of hockey, Sidney Crosby, seeks natural healing with a chiropractic neurologist. HMMM. If he can afford to have ANY treatment in the world and uses a chiropractic neurologist instead of more invasive traditional medicine, that’s just […]

Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

Natural Homepathics Helped Penny Lancaster Get Pregnant

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart decided to look to some natural healing therapy to try again. Amazingly they found that after conventional methods couldn’t explain the cause of problems, natural homeopathics helped Penny Lancaster Get pregnant by finding some important clues overlooked elsewhere. Check out this story […]

More Hospitals Offering Natural Alternative Medicine

More Hospitals Giving Alternative Natural Healing Alternatives

I really liked this article on how more hospitals are offering natural alternative medicine to those in their care. I know it’s not really evidence, that the medical establishment is more open to alternative natural healing modalities. It does tell us though, that more people are realizing that there are valuable therapies outside of western […]

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finds Natural Healing Through Music (Video)

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finds natural healing through music

As a musician, I always believed that music was powerful, but I never quite realized what a ray of hope it could be to a brain injury survivor until I read this article about ¬†Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords finding natural healing through music. After reading a report a few years ago on the quest to find […]

Natural Healing Acupuncture Proven to Reduce Stress

Naturally healing Stress With Acupuncture - Scientific Proof

Some people may wonder how natural healing acupuncture could be proven to reduce stress, but that is just what we see from a recent Georgetown Universty study involving acupuncture on rats. In an age of so much scientific skepticism, there are still so many who live by the mantra “I’ll believe it when I see […]

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