Natural Healing Solution to Get Rid of Bedbugs [VIDEO]

When I went to bed last night I started itching all over, I don’t think I have bedbugs, but it did make me want to find a natural healing solution to get rid of bedbugs.  Especially after talking to my friend.

Heather ‘s problem with bedbugs started last winter when some swallows used her roof as their nesting site. The birds attract little critters, called bedbugs. The bedbugs happily travelled from their home in the roof along the rafters and down through the attic and into their bedrooms. They are impossible to see, difficult to kill, and very annoying…but there is hope.

Natural Healing Solution to Get Rid of Bedbugs

natural healing solution to get rid of bedbugs

Get Rid Of Pesky Bedbugs

Those that have bedbugs in their home know just how awful they can be. They feed on the warm blood of humans and cause itchy, painful sores all over the body. But the worst of it seems that there’s no getting rid of bedbugs. People have to go to drastic measures such as increasing the heat to a severely high temperature and leaving it like that for days. Now though, you might be able to get rid of those bedbugs by using essential oils.

The essential oils most effective at getting rid of bedbugs are peppermint oil, which is an anti-parasitic; tea tree oil, which acts as an insecticide; and clove bud, which also has anti-parasitic properties. Combine 20 drops of each essential oil with 10 millimeters of alcohol in a small spray bottle. Add water to fill and shake to mix thoroughly. Spray the area around your bed and your bedding and anywhere else that the little critters are residing. This mixture is great for traveling, especially when you add the water once you arrive at your destination.

Being handy for travel is especially important since this is one of the major ways that bedbugs are transferred from one place to another. You can also place some cotton balls soaked with the undiluted solution into your suitcase to keep bedbugs from crawling in there. You can also use strips of cloth fabric to tie soaked cotton balls around the legs of your bed.


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If you have another natural healing solution to get rid of bedbugs, we’d sure like to hear from you. This solution sure beats, boiling everything in hot water, hanging all bedding outside for a week and using bleach to scrub the floors and walls of every bed. That’s what my friend had to do to get rid of her bedbugs!


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