Natural Healing Aromatherapy for Valentines Day Sizzle

The other day I was spending a little time on Pinterest and came upon something that made me smile. I couldn’t help but post this cute idea that uses natural healing aromatherapy for valentines day sizzle. I think I’m going to make some of these with my girls.


Natural Healing Aromatherapy for Valentines Day Sizzle

natural healing aromatherapy for valentines day sizzle

So Cute- who knows it just might add some sizzle to your valentines day!

Not only is this fun and easy to make, you’ll also get to enjoy a little aromatherapy while sewing….making it the perfect project all the way around! Read on for the project instructions…

  1. To make the envelope sheet, cut two pieces of your favorite fabric and one piece of fast2fuse each to 9” x 18” (approximately). Sandwich the fast2fuse between the wrong sides of the fabrics and fuse the fabric to both sides of the fast2fuse with your household iron, following the package directions. I raided my stash for this cute black and white heart print.
  2. Trim your envelope sheet to 8” x 17”, making one of the short edges come to a point like an envelope. Then make a tight zigzag stitch all around the cut edges of the envelope. Fold up the straight edge roughly 6″ toward the pointed edge, then use a straight stitch to sew up both sides of the envelope, just inside of the zigzag edging.
  3. For the sachets, cut out 2 hearts (approx. 4″ wide)  from a couple sheets of 70gm Lutradur. Sew the hearts together, leaving a small opening to pour in the lavender, then sew the opening closed. Four of these puffy hearts will fit nicely in your envelope.
  4. Glue a romantic embellishment or diecut to the front of each heart and handstitch a length of red embroidery floss through the top as a hanger.
  5. Place your hearts inside your envelope and tie the entire treasure closed with some ribbon; I place a vintage velvet ribbon rose beneath my love knot.

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So I cannot guarantee that this natural healing aromatherapy for valentines day sizzle will heat things up in your relationship, but still it can be a wonderful valentines day gift.  This may be just the tool for helping you de-stress enough to really open up and talk…the only true aphrodisiac I know of. 🙂


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